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Sugar Free Greek Yogurt

A great alternative to regular sugar free yogurt is Sugar Free Greek Yogurt.  Greek yogurt is a thicker, creamier version of regular yogurt and it is becoming more and more popular due to its great texture and great health benefits.  Sugar free Greek yogurt is made with the same ingredients as regular yogurt (just milk and live, active cultures) but is different because it is strained thoroughly before packaging.  The straining process removes a lot of the liquid whey produced while the yogurt is being formed.  This makes the yogurt creamier, thicker, and different nutritionally than regular yogurt.

Sugar free Greek yogurt has about the same amount of calories as regular yogurt but offers some benefits slightly

greater than regular yogurt.  Here are some of the advantages of sugar free Greek yogurt.

  1. More Protein – One of the greatest advantages of sugar free Greek yogurt is that it has almost twice as much protein than regular yogurt.  A 6-ounce serving of Greek yogurt will typically have 15 to 20 grams of protein.  Protein helps your body feel fuller longer. 

  2. Less Carbs – Another benefit of sugar free Greek yogurt is that it has fewer carbohydrates than regular yogurts.  The straining process removes a lot of the sugar and lactose from the yogurt making it more friendly to a low-carb diet.  In general, Greek yogurt will have about half as many carbohydrates as regular yogurt.

  3. Less Sodium – As with carbs, Greek yogurts have about half as much sodium than regular yogurt due to the straining process and removal of whey liquids.  Eating less sodium is great for the health of your heart. 

  4. Less Lactose – During the straining process of Greek yogurt, a lot of the lactose from the milk is removed.  Many people with lactose-intolerance find that Greek yogurt is gentle enough for them to enjoy.

  5. More Texture – Many people prefer Greek yogurt over regular yogurt because it is much creamier and thicker. 

One disadvantage of Greek yogurt is that some of the calcium is lost during the straining process.  If you are  needing to add more calcium to your diet, regular yogurts may be the best choice for you if you do not plan to eat the Greek yogurt on a consistent basis.  If you do decide to try sugar free Greek yogurt, try to stick to the low-fat or fat-free varieties.  They are much better for your health and waistline.

Here are some of the sugar free Greek yogurts available on the market today.


    Greek Yogurt Nonfat  - Plain


    Total Classic Greek Yogurt - Plain

    Total 2% Greek Yogurt - Plain

    Total 0% Greek Yogurt - Plain


    Greek Nonfat Yogurt: Thick and Creamy Plain


    Oikos Plain Organic Greek Yogurt

The Greek Gods

    Traditional Plain Greek Yogurt

    Nonfat Plain Greek Yogurt

Calories: 133            Sugars: 9 g

Calories: 217            Sugars: 11.4 g

Calories: 171            Sugars: 9.1 g

Calories: 133            Sugars: 9.3 g  

Calories: 120            Sugars: 9.3 g 

Calories: 121            Sugars: 9 g 

Calories: 260            Sugars: 10 g

Calories: 80              Sugars: 9.3 g 

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